Available courses

This hybrid class will get you outside and creating art this summer!
Learn about some incredible artists, try out some of their techniques.
Find beauty in nature and create your own art.

You’ll meet virtually with Ms. Janine AND meet her in person for field trips around the Metro Detroit area.

AND Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts will earn their Outdoor Art Creators badge!

This course is designed to take the young artist and new learner into the basics of drawing different types of animals, providing the basic shapes, anatomical features and textural qualities of all sorts of animals! This is a drawing course that also have students use some basic color theory

All supplies included and delivered to your door!

This Algebra Catch-Up class is designed to fill in the holes in understanding, build confidence, and leave students ready to tackle math in the fall.

We’ll cover all the major algebraic concepts, with hands-on and real world applications.  Memorization doesn’t work.  At AMPed, we strive for APPLICATION.

Brush up your skills in:

  • Fractions
  • Linear Equations / Systems of Equations
  • Factoring
  • Exponents
  • So much more.